Activate, Generate, Integrate!

Kristiansand, Norway

Purchase, International Architectural Competition
Commendation, AR MIPIM Future Projects Awards 2017

The Museum of Modern Art
We wanted to create a powerful image for the city skyline and a poetic spatial experience for the art lover. At the same time we wanted to keep the industrial image of the Silo. We wanted to give it new life without gentrifying it. Our Museum is a hybrid Silo, industrial once, now filled with light and art. Its warehouse remains a warehouse, its tubes get filled with light and movement, its ethereal extensions do not disturb the robustness of the original structure, while the big horizontal ‘crane’ reflects the sunlight. Light that reflects the new image of the Museum to the city skyline. Light that generates movement in the interior and integrates the ephemeral and the diachronic, bringing together art and human experience.
How do we do it?
We work with the basic qualities of light, illumination, translucency and reflections:
  • Illuminate the skylights to create a powerful image for the skyline,
  • Allow the translucency of the vertical extensions to reveal the movement and
  • Allow the ‘crane’, the big horizontal beam to reflect the warm sunset sun.
  • In the interior, work with verticality and light. Transform the silo tubes into a magnificent space of light, movement and awareness of others. Create a vertical labyrinth of light and movement that generates strong spatial experiences.
The Cultural Square - Large-scale Regeneration
Our intention is to develop a planning concept for the area that creates an attractive link between the city centre and the future developments in the area. The Museum becomes the generator of the cultural centre. The proposal places new buildings on the art square which together with the Silo frames a smaller town square east of the Silo. The square screens and at the same time opens up to the south and towards a future housing development which is proposed to be built close to the site, securing good light and sun conditions throughout the day for the Nordic city. The buildings around the sqcare introduce pitched roofs as a formal element. All entries and exits to the surrounding buildings are centralized towards the square to ensure activity through the day and night. The square has a good scale and it is a clear main space in this part of town.
Key Elements of the Urban Proposal 
  • Create a City of Culture with strong urban identity.
  • Create a generous urban square in front of the Silo and connect it to the quay
  • Create urban fronts that surround the Cultural Square and the Sjolystveien road.
  • Break the mass into smaller units and introduce a sloped roof skyline.
  • Generate a programme of centrality (i.e cultural school, offices and business, hotel, leisure activities, club).
  • Generate an open-air, elevated green roof / leisure programme on certain parts of the development (i.e. on top the Cultural School, the hotel, the Club): protected roof gardens to take advantage of the view and the sun.

ARCHITECTS: Rena Sakellaridou (SPARCH, Athens), Ragnhild Torsteinsrud-Smith (MEINICH ARKITEKTER, Oslo)

DESIGN TEAM: Rena Sakellaridou, partner in charge SPARCH, project manager

Ragnhild Torsteinsrud-Smith, partner in charge MEINICH ARKITEKTER

Morpho Papanikolaou, SPARCH


SPARCH: A.Georgiadis, N.Tsompikou, N.Apergis, A.Verteouri, P.Tsogas, A.Vassileiou, Ch.Theodoropoulos, I.Kloni, G.Papanikolaou, architects

G.Apostolopoulos, Th.Sandros, K.Venieris, students

MEINICH ARKITEKTER: N. Bongard, E. Serenko



SPARCH RENA SAKELLARIDOU SPARCH PC / All rights reserved / 2021

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