House in a Garden

Single family House / Chalandri, Athens, Greece

House in a Garden
It was March 2012 when the client came to our office and talked about a house in a garden.
 Placed in a rather dense urban setting, we designed a house in a secret garden.
 A house in its own world, totally open to nature, even though surrounded by urban fabric. Hidden behind the trees, the house accepts the garden, it integrates its colours and shadows, its changing over time. The house consists of a concrete base and a white, metal-structure ‘beam’ resting quietly on the base. On the ground floor living room and kitchen, gym and guest room οn the lower floor, two bedrooms on the upper floor that open up to the green roof. The two floors are visually connected through a glass floor, while a skylight on top brings natural light to the interior. A linear pool accentuates geometries. The garden enters the house through the windows, connects the front to the back. Nature is dominant.

Architectural Design: Rena Sakellaridou

Collaborators: N. Tsompikou, I. Kloni, N. Apergis, S. Cherouvim

Structural Engineering: G. Karampelas

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers: P. Chatzimpailos - Technoico

Lighting Consultant: I. Skafida - Gravani

Construction: A. Moustakas

Project Supervision: G. Karampelas

Photo Credits: Y. Yerolympos

SPARCH RENA SAKELLARIDOU SPARCH PC / All rights reserved / 2021

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