The Slope

New KCP Congress Center / Prague, Czech Republic

International Architectural Competition

The Slope

The New KCP is an ethereal building. Iconic during day and night, both in the way it gently adapts to the South side of the existing KCP and in the way it mildly glows through the translucent external skin membrane of its sloped roof. As if created by a single curved line drawn by a hand, a line that connects the maximum and the minimum required height, it is a simple and yet powerful building. Impressive when it opens to the public, subdued as it adapts to the urban scale and the existing KCP building.

We design both for a grand scale that relates to the scale of KCP as well as for an intimate one that relates to people. This leads to a gradual dissolving of the formal to the intimate in terms of scale and formal gestures. We want our building to take part in the fantastic urban theater that Prague City presents during day and night. We illuminate our building and create a slope of light.

Softly folded / curved surfaces define different areas in the urban space. Materials aim to create a sense of unity in order to accentuate the scale. We propose a combination of hard and soft surfaces. Green plays a significant role both in creating microclimate in the programmatic niches, accentuating lines and defining borders with alleys of trees.



Architectural Design: Rena Sakellaridou, Morpho Papanikolaou (consultant)

Collaborating Architects: N. Apergis, A. Georgiadis, N. Tsompikou, A. Verteouri, G. Papanikolaou, M. Karavasili, M.-N. Pantou, S. Georgiou, F. Nevrokopli

Students: I. Thivaiou, Alex Van Belleghem,

Structural Engineer: K. Polychronopoulos - PCK

E/M Engineer: J. Papagrigorakis - JEPA

SPARCH RENA SAKELLARIDOU SPARCH PC / All rights reserved / 2019

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