Astir Palace Gate and Entrance Canopy

Gate and Entrance Canopy for 5-Star Hotel complex / Athens, Greece

High Commendation 2008, WAF
Mies Van Der Rohe Nominee, 2009
Special mention, Hellenic Institute of Architecture, 2008

Astir Palace Gate
Two inlets in mild curves, one transparent, the other opaque, fluid space, vertical metal grids, a continuous curve that unfolds in order to create the in-between.
In 2018 the demolition of the gate was stopped and the Ministry of Culture decided its preservation. The first contemporary building to be given this status.
Astir Palace Canopy
The curved form of the canopy extends on the two sides to create a sense of enclosure, with the white columns introduce strong verticality.

Architectural Design: Rena Sakellaridou, Morpho Papanikolaou (SPARCH)

Collaborators: I.Kloni, N.Katsikis, G.Anagnostelis, G.Adhlenidou

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