House in a Garden

Single family House / Chalandri, Athens, Greece


Surface: 335 sqm
Design 2012 / Construction Completed 2016
We wanted a house that could be integrated with the garden, that could disappear in the garden. To be able to create its own secret world even though surrounded by urban fabric. An introverted world and at the same time, a world totally open to nature. Placed in a rather dense urban setting, with no character and rather varied, we designed a house in a secret garden.

Architectural Design: Rena Sakellaridou

Collaborators: N. Tsompikou, I. Kloni, N. Apergis, S. Cherouvim

Structural Engineering: G. Karampelas

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers: P. Chatzimpailos - Technoico

Lighting Consultant: I. Skafida - Gravani

Construction: A. Moustakas

Project Supervision: G. Karampelas

Photo Credits: Y. Yerolympos

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