Marina Galleria

Marina Galleria - Six Plazas / Hellinikon, Athens,Greece


Invited Architectural Competition

Surface : 21.830 sqm

Design: 2020


Marina Galleria is an open-air high-end Mall with unique character.  We use the site as a generator for a memorable experience. Our urban concept creates a series of six plazas.  Like beads in a precious necklace, the plazas invigorate the social character of the place. The plazas give a strong sense of space, multiply the views of the water front, give identity to the place, become a point of reference to the visitor of the Galleria and the Marina. These six plazas define our concept.

As if the Marina Galleria were a single volume, we subtracted space generously to create six public plazas, which are our tools in order to break the linearity of the Galleria and to open it up to the water front. The linear form of the Marina Galleria is broken by the grand openings of the Plazas, while a main axis, a Street connects longitudinally the whole.

The design is further enhanced by a series of canopies that shade the upper floor. Shaped as if by the sea breeze, they are light curved structures that bring to the mind associations of sails that move by the light summer breeze.


Architects: RS SPARCH (Lead Architect) in collaboration with MEINICH ARKITEKTER, (Architect - Retail and F&B Strategy) and TZANNES (Architect - Peer Review)

Architectural Design: Rena Sakellaridou (RS SPARCH PC -Lead Architect) , Ragnhild Torsteinsrud Smith (MEINICH ARKITEKTER -Architect - Retail and F&B Strategy), Alec Tzannes (TZANNES - Architect - Peer Review)

Collaborating Architects: I. Kloni, N. Tsompikou, L. Ioannidou, K. Skalkogianni, Ch. Lymperopoulou

Shade Design: Eleni Chatziioannou

Renders: Konstantinos Koudounis


Structural Design: Costas Polychronopoulos - PCK

MEP Design: John Papagrigorakis - JEPA

Executive Architect BIM Expert: VAP Architects


Facade Design: Eckersley O’Callaghan Engineers

Landscape Design: Helli Pangalou & Associates – Landscape Architects

Lighting Design: Eleftheria Deko & Associates – S.D. Lighting+Design

Environmental Design and LEED Consultant: DCARBON

Traffic Engineering and Parking Design: Dromos Consulting Ltd

Health and Safety: EXYPP SAMARAS

Digital Design: Avidex




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