NBG Insurance Headquarters

National Insurance Building Complex on Syngrou Avenue
Surface: 60.000 sqm
Design 2001-2002 / Construction 2006
Company identity, the largest possible opening to the view of the Acropolis and the microclimate of a square, were the main issues for the design of this complex. Set on Syngrou Avenue, it houses the Headquarters of the Insurance Company, together with a linear rental office building that forms a border to the other side of the square, a Conference Center on two levels underneath the square and a multistory underground parking.
The aim was to create a building complex in a dialogue with the urban tissue through the use of a strong and robust form. Public space expressed via a square, an atrium in the main building, and a double-height foyer at the conference center becomes an important feature of the design. What is removed from the volume, what is transformed from mass to void, is then occupied by movement and light.

Architectural design: Rena Sakellaridou & Morpho Papanikolaou (SPARCH), Mario Botta

Collaborating Architects: M. Pelli, Α. Boudouridou, Β. Karaoglou, Y. Adilenidou, F. Kokkinomagoulou, , Α. Rektsini, Α. Kotzamani, Γ. Karakostas, Μ. Moumoulika, Μ. Daniel, Γ. Anagnostellis, Ε. Batsou, Α. Pappa, G. Papadakis.

Students: V. Arampatzaki, Α. Kassios, Ν. Kotaki, Μ. Tsarouhi

Civil engineers: Pagonis – Chroneas – Kinatos S. A.

Collaborating engineer: Κ. Polyhronopoulos

Mechanical Engineers: H. Papakonstantinou, Emm. Toumbakaris

Substructure Consultant: Kastor Ltd.

Traffic Engineering: S. Konstantinidis

Fire Safety Consultant: Η. Schattenmann

Acoustic Design Consultant: T. Timagenis

Lighting Consultants: DPA lighting consultants, L+DG lighting consultants

Signage: 3 in a box

Landscape Design: P. Karageorgos, E. Kallinikou

3D Representation: ANAPARASTASIS

Photos: P. Musi

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